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CPSC 317: Internet Computing

This course was provided mostly to the third year undergraduate students to learn and get hands-on experience with networked systems. I was at the backstage, marking assignments related to FTP client, FTP server and DNS resolver client. Course instructor was Donald Acton.

CPSC 416: Distributed Systems

This was an assignment and exam based course for senior (4th year) undergraduate students. I was one of two TAs. Course covered range of topics in distributed system, such as vector clocks, concurrent data access algorithms/mechanisms, monitors, message passing in a parallel systems and etc. In an addition to exam marking, I was responsible for a design, execution and evaluation of the two assignments. The first assignment was about getting an experience with a concurrent process exection and sharing data between them. The second assignment was about a fault-tolerance in distributed system. Here students did an experiment with Apache Zookeeper by writing their modified version of a leader election algorithm. Course instructor was Alan S. Wagner.

CPSC 210: Software Construction

This course was provided mostly to the second year undergraduate students to learn Java and make a class project. My responsibilities were to supervise labs, mark exams and hold office hours to answer questions related to class project and Java in general. Course instructors were Gail Murphy and Ivan Beschastnikh.