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CS grad seminar series

I run seminars from Fall 2013 to Fall 2015. It has been running since 2007, where grad student give a hands-on seminar about tools useful for both classes and research. Some examples are LaTex, R language, Python, version control software (i.e., Git, CVS, SVN), Perl, CUDA and etc. See details for the current list of talks.


The Un-Distinguished Lecture Series at UBC CS is great Friday social for grad students. We talk about everything, except our own research. Here is the list of talks I gave (in reverse chronological order).

Facts about (human) babies

In this talk, I shared many interesting facts I’ve learned during 2 months of fatherhood. Some of the questions I covered are as following: are more babies born at daytime or nighttime? Why peak months for births change with latitude? Did you know the first few breaths after birth are the most difficult breaths baby will take for the rest of her life as baby’s lungs, which were filled with fluid during pregnancy, must suddenly fill with oxygen from the air? We talked about a lot more other stuff; it was fun [pdf].

Space commercialization and more

This talk is about advances on Space exploration when commercial companies catalyze it’s development. I’ll start with recent news on popular media about Lunar, Martian and galactic space missions. Then move on topics about space commercialization and all exciting progress coming from it [pdf].


International Student Welcome 2014

I volunteered to be part of a warm welcome to a new UBC international students. I led the "Housing, Transit, Social" session to share my experience of on/off-campus housing, public transit, getting a driving license, and car sharing services in Vancouver. Talk covered everything I learned since I moved to Vancouver a year ago. It was 10 mins presentation and 15 mins Q&A. Repeated three times for three different groups. Lot's of talking, thirsty, exhausted ... and fun! Such orientation was super useful for myself when I moved to UBC. It feels better as I returned a favor :-) Slides are available in original MS Power Point format.

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